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Invitasjon til the Second European Society of Pathology Academy 20. - 23. juni 2020

The European Society of Pathology (ESP) inviterer til the Second ESP Academy for LIS (junior pathologists). Dette finner sted i Waterloo, Belgia, fra 20. til 23. juni. Målet er bl.a. å styrke akademisk og forskningskompetansen blant unge patologer, samt å komme i kontakt og dele erfaringer med andre kolleger i Europa. Alle LIS (under 40 år) kan søke.
23. januar 2020

The ESP Academy (ESPA): Invitation to Apply

The European Society of Pathology (ESP) is delighted to announce the Second European Society of Pathology Academy (ESPA), scheduled to take place from 20-23 June 2020 in Waterloo, Belgium.

The ESP Academy

  • Is an intensive, interactive four-day workshop designed to support early career pathologists
  • Advances research excellence and innovation among young pathologists and scientists in the field of human pathology
  • Provides solutions for building up a research strategy and academic career to become a leader in pathology
  • Identifies the best original pathology-relevant research submitted by the best pathology researchers
  • Represents a forum to share experiences with world leading senior researchers in pathology as well as fellow young scientists/pathologists
  • Engages fellows with mentors and peers to explore scientific concepts, investigate, and solve research problems and provide career advice

Admission to the Academy and deadline for application
Admission to the Academy is by competitive application based on the candidate’s curriculum vitae, clinical and research experience and significance of the proposed project.

The deadline for submission of applications is 31st January 2020.


  • Be a member of the ESP
  • Work at a Pathology Institute and aim at an academic career in Pathology
  • Have a research doctorate (PhD), a doctoral degree in medicine (MD) or an equivalent scientific qualification
  • Be under 40 years of age

Candidates must submit in Word or PDF format to the following documents:

  1. Letter of motivation
  2. Full curriculum vitae (1-2 pages) with a scanned copy of passport /ID
  3. Outline of future research project (not more than 4 A4 pages)
  4. Publication list (papers published or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals)
  5. Letter of recommendation from the Home Institute
  6. Recommendation letter from the National Society

All submitted applications will be evaluated by the Reviewing Committee chaired by the ESP President within 8 weeks after the deadline.

The awardees will be invited to attend the Academy and present their scientific projects during the four-day workshop. All participants will be invited to stay the whole of period of workshop as to enable intense discussions and interaction between the renowned scientists and the junior pathologists.

Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by the ESP for all participants according to the policy set out for this programme.

Best wishes, 
ESPA Organising/Scientific Committee