NCGP 2019 - Registration opens 12th December 2018


Medlemsinfo 27. november 2018

  This is an abstract by the famous Danish painter and artist Asger Jorn, who made a real impact in the 1950´s. He was a pioneer in his field and helped developing a new form of expressionism. Asger Jorn didn´t believe in one big masterpiece. For him art was a long process, and he would continue working on his previous painting while starting a new one. So, he probably wouldn´t mind if you accused his paintings to look alike.

Even though we love the story behind the painting of Asger Jorn, that´s not what were looking for when we call for abstracts. What we are looking for is approximately 250 words from you – a short summery of what you´ve been researching in the field of General Practice in Medicine. And abstract submission is open right now! We also want you to come to the 21st Nordic Congress of General Practice in Aalborg in Denmark and share it with us.


Registration the 12th of December
Sometimes it can be very nice to get away from work and daily routines to meet new people and learn new things. But leaving your home also means unknown factors. One major important determinant when you travel abroad is … the bed. To hard? To soft?
The bed and the mattress is the foundation for a good night’s sleep. At the Nordic Congress of General Practice 2019, we so wish you are able to sleep well in order to be able to take in all the fantastic things happening at the congress with your energetic body and mind.
That´s why we have pre-booked some of the best hotels with quality beds. Registration opens 12th December 2018, where you can select the bed you want to sleep in.

Check the congress websitefor more info.