Norsk forening for allmennmedisin


Nordic GPs gather in Denmark 2019

The Nordic Congress of General Practice 2019 will take place in Aalborg, Denmark, and the planning of the event is in full force. Around 1,500 peers in general medicine are expected to show up on 17-20 June 2019. This congress will have a special focus on core values, current Challenges and changes in general practice.
23. oktober 2018

We hope to attract as many as possible of general practitioners, educators, researchers with focus on new knowledge, quality assessments and organisation. With a common interest in general medicine to exchange ideas and to discuss research, teaching and quality in the context of general practice in the Nordic Countries. We aim to challenge usual practice and enrich academic research with perspectives from daily clinical practice. For this purpose, we have singled out some of the topics that currently seem to be the most important in our field. 

We have invited six very different keynote speakers. From very different perspectives, they will talk about the values and challenges that characterise general practice. Keynote speaker Anna Stavdal, President of WONCA Europe, will focus on ’coherent care’ and ’knowledge of the patient’ as core values for the general practitioner. She will unfold the fact that knowing the patient and the family members for a long time will make the general practitioner capable of interpreting symptoms and treatment options in a much broader context than offered by the purely biomedical model.

Another topic that we will discuss is ’ethical use of data’, an issue with a strong presence worldwide. Keynote speaker Frank Sullivan from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, will talk about how collection of health data can provide unique possibilities for research in some of the most crucial areas of human health. He will also talk about the importance of correct data handling and of having insight into the origin of data when interpreting the data.

Collection of data is a prerequisite for obtaining new knowledge about typical challenges in general practice, including monitoring and treatment of disease. However, data use also constitutes an ethical challenge to our privacy. This remains a significant barrier: How do we ensure that the trusting and confident relationship between GP and patient is not compromised?

We look forward to welcoming the Nordic community of GPs, and we hope to see as many as possible at the conference in Aalborg, the capital of northern Jutland. Aalborg was once inhabited by Vikings and was a major trade city in the Middle Ages. In recent years, the city has transformed from an industrial city into a dynamic centre for culture, knowledge and education.

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Pre-Congress for Young Doctors

The Nordic Young General Practitioners (NYGP) invites all medical trainees to participate in the pre-congress in Aalborg on 15-16 June 2019. We are planning an exciting programme with a mix of oral scientific presentations, workshops and social events. The theme for the pre-congress is "Change of practice ". Medical trainees, young general practitioners in their first five years of practice and all young doctors with an interest in general medicine are welcome. The only requirement is that you must also participate in the Nordic Congress of General Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where and when will the congress be held?
    The Nordic Congress of General Practice 2019 will take place in Aalborg, Denmark, on 17 – 20 June 2019.

  • When will the Call for Abstracts open?
    Abstracts can be submitted from 15 August 2018 until 17 December 2018, so you will have plenty of time to send in your abstract or encourage a colleague to participate.

  • How will I benefit from participating?

ü  Four days together with skilled and competent peers

ü  Discussions, dialogue and debate between like-minded professionals

ü  Getting to know more about emerging topics and challenges in general practice

ü  Great venue in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Denmark.

  • What is the conference fee?
    Young Doctors: 3600/4500 DKK. Kr.
  • Normal Fee: 5700/6900 DKK. Kr.
  • Dinner: 750 DKK. Kr. 
  • How do I find accommodation?
    When the registration opens, you will be able to choose between hotels at different price levels.

  • Where do I find relevant links?
    If you are interested in participating or knowing more, you can find more information at: We look forward to seeing you. 

The Six Main Themes

  • Theme 1: Core values in general practice
    Keynote speaker: Associate professor and GP Anna Stavdal, Norway, President of WONCA Europe
  • Theme 2: Multimorbidity among vulnerable populations – the role of general practice
    Keynote speaker: Professor Stewart Mercer, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Theme 3: Ethical use of data
    Keynote speaker: Professor Frank Sullivan, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Theme 4: Person-centred medicine in a person-centred context
    Keynote speaker: Professor Gorm Greisen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Theme 5: Wellbeing for GPs and practice staff
    Keynote speaker: Professor Reidar Tyssen, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Theme 6: Changing practices and behaviour in general practice
    Keynote speaker: Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief of the BMJ