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Norsk deltakelse i arbeidet med europeiske retningslinjer for hudsykdommer

18. mai 2019

Til alle medlemmer av NFDV:

NFDV har gitt finansiell støtte til et europeisk senter for utvikling av retningslinjer for behandling av hudsykdommer. Vi er nå invitert til å foreslå kandidater blant norske spesialister og spesialistkandidater til å delta i ulike grupper - se tekst under.

Forslag til kandidater bes sendt til så snart som mulig og ikke senere enn 1.6.2019.

Petter Gjervsik, leder i NFDV


Dear Dr Gjersvik,

We thank the Norwegian Society of Dermatology and Venereology for the support of the EDF – EuroGuiDerm Guidelines Center. A broad base for the funding is crucial for the project’s success. As one of the supporting society, we want to invite you to suggest members for the guidelines groups.

The EuroGuideDerm Psoriasis Guideline is now being updated.

We are looking for

  1. An established expert to become member of the guideline development group, who preferably has little or no conflicts of interests with the pharmaceutical industry to participate. We are looking for dermatologists with at least 10 years experience as a consultant (or equivalent).

and possibly

  1. A junior doctor, who does not have any conflicts of interests with the pharmaceutical industry and who is interested in getting involved in guideline development work. Must have at least 4 years of clinical experience in dermatology.

The nominated experts will be involved in writing the background texts, draft recommendations and vote on the final guidelines. Systematic search and literature approval will be done by the EuroGuiDerm center.

Best regards,

Alexander Nast, Director of EuroGuiDerm

Department of Dermatology, Venerology und Allergy, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin