Covid-19 i Norden- spørreskjema om hudmanifestasjoner

Til alle medlemmer I NFDV, 

En finsk kollega ønsker nordiske tilbakemeldinger på kutane manifestasjoner ved Covid-19.

Nå har vi heldigvis ikke hatt mye Covid-19 i Norge, men dersom noen har erfaring med «chillblain» (Pernio) så er det en link til et spørreskjema, etter hans brev, som dere finner vedlagt her.


Katarina Zak Stangeland

Leder NFDV

Dear Colleagues, 

As you may know, a large number of publications from Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain), but also from the USA have pointed out towards an increased number of (young adult) patients presenting to the dermatologists for chilblains or chilblain-like lesions of the toes and sometimes of the fingers. 

This "outbreak" of acral lesions matches the time frame of the pandemic in the corresponding countries. However, a true causality between the occurrence of these acral lesions and SARS-CoV-2 is still unclear as in a high number of cases nasal RT-PCR and/or serologies were negative.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland Norway and Sweden have been affected differently by the pandemic.

To the best of my knowledge, I havent seen any work or collaborative work from a nordic country on that topic. 

The aim of the present study is to assess whether dermatologists from Nordic Countries may have seen similar cutaneous manifestations in their practice during the pandemic as in Southern Europe. This would indirectly help to understand whether this occurrence of chilblain-like lesions is a global phenomenon or restricted to other cofactors (geography, lockdown policy, environmental factors etc).

The aim is NOT to do a new clinical-pathological study of cases. It has been done widely in Southern countries ad nauseam. It is rather a quick feedback from the field from nordic dermatologists. 

The study is a short internet-based google-survey that can be send directly by yourselves to the members of each societies hoping that your societies do have a mailing list as we do in Finland.

The questionnaire is short, fast and totally anonymous. As the study involves only dermatologists, we do not ask you specific informations about your patients, therefore no EBR is necessary.

I hope you will be interested and will to join work which would highlight the activity of nordic dermatology.

Yours sincerely 

Dr Nicolas Kluger, Docent, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland.