Covid-19 register

Til alle medlemmer i NFDV,

Corona pandemien har hatt stor innvirkning i hele verden og også på mange pasienter.

SECURE-DERM er et stort internasjonalt samarbeide mellom leger, forskere og pasienter for å samle inn data på påvirkningen av Covid-19. 

Det er to register for leger: SECURE-Alopecia og SECURE-AD og et for pasienter SECURE-AD Patient survey.

Viser til vedlagt mail samt link for mer informasjon.


Katarina Zak Stangeland,

Leder NFDV

Dear colleague, 

Thank you very much for your continued support of the SECURE-AD registry: To date we have collected data on 190 eczema cases with a confirmed or suspected COVID episode, which is excellent.

Please continue to enter your cases at this critical time - before the window of opportunity to gather this data has passed. We will include everyone who enters a case as a co-author under the SECURE-AD Study Group in resulting publications.

 It would also be great if you could share this initiative via social media, tagging us @ad_secure (Twitter) and @secure.derm (Instagram) (links to follow us on Twitter and Instagram).

 Many thanks for your contribution.

 With kind regards,