Komplikasjoner av tatoveringer

Til alle medlemmer i NFDV,

En finsk-fransk dermatolog med interesse for komplikasjoner av tatoveringer,

ønsker kontakt og tilbakemelding av ev kasustikker i Norge.

Vedlagt finner dere hans brev og hans kontaktadresse.


Katarina Zak Stangeland

Dear colleagues,

I am a French Finnish dermatologist with experience on tattoos health-related issues for the past 15 years in France and in Finland. I have a tattoo consultation once a month in Paris at Bichat Hospital, in Paris. Lastly, an EADV Task Force on Tattoos and Body Art should be set by the end of the year.

I noticed that in Norway there was a dearth of knowledge of the current situation based on complete lacks of reports in the literature. 

I am therefore interested to study the situation in Norway.  Besides, in my experience, dermatologists are sometimes uncomfortable with the management of tattoo complications.

My project would simple: Norwegian dermatologists could contact me whenever they need in case of a complication on a tattoo in a patient, so we can discuss diagnosis and/or efficient management by email. It will be a kind informal, but real tele-dermatology consultation between colleagues, which is what I do currently on weekly basis with a lot for French dermatologists and sometimes with Finnish ones. In the mean time, I will keep track of the cases, so we can see what is the extent of the issue in Norway and nationwide

If you are motivated, you can contact me for retrospective cases to discuss about them.

My contact information is nicolas.kluger@hus.fi  

I hope you will be interested in this project

Yours sincerely 

Nicolas Kluger, Adjunct Pr, MD, PhD