Norsk forening for geriatri


Norske geriatriske doktoravhandlinger

Knut Engedal: Mental impairment and dementia in old age: studies on diagnostic tools, epidemiology, and treatment through a day-care programme Geriarisk avdeling, Ullevål sykehus, 1989.  E-post til forfatteren:

Ida Hydle: Kultur og helse i et lokalsamfunn. En flerfaglig studie av eldre. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål sykehus, 1991.  E-post til forfatteren:

Harald A. Nygaard: Caring for the mentally impaired elderly : studies on problems related to the care for mentally impaired elderly living on various care levels and the use of antipsychotic drugs in the elderly. Bergen: Institutt for samfunnsmedisisnke fag, 1992.

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Torgeir Bruun Wyller: Consequences of cerebral stroke. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål sykehus, 1997. E-post til forfatteren:

Anette Hylen Ranhoff: Functional impairment as an indicator of disease and a trigger for medical services in the elderly. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål sykehus, 1997.  E-post til forfatteren:

Morten Mowé: Nutrition in the elderly. Studies of selected aspects of protein-energy undernutrition and hypovitamijosis in an aged population, living in Oslo. Medisinsk avdeling, Aker sykehus, 1998.  E-post til forfatteren:

Jan Marcus Sverre: Trends in mortality in the aged Norwegian population 1966 - 1986. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål sykehus, 1997.

Anne Brækhus: Clinical aspects of mental impairment and mild dementia in old age. With particular focus on the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål sykehus, 1999.  E-post til

Audhild Hjalmarsen: Prognosis of patients with chronic respiratory hypoxaemia treated with oxygen therapy. Universitetet i Tromsø, 1999.

Astrid Bergland: Falls suffered by the elderly living at home. Geriatrisk avd, Ullevål universitetssykehus, 2002. Dr. philos. E-post til forfatteren:

Bente Thommessen: Cerebral Stroke in the Elderly - Patient Outcome and Caregiver Burden. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål universitetssykehus, 2003. E-post til forfatteren:

Torgeir Engstad: Characteristics and prognosis of long-term stroke survivors. Dr. med. Universitetet i Tromsø, 2004. E-post til forfatter:

Jorunn Lægdheim Helbostad: Motor functioning in community-dwelling in older adults; assessment and intervention. Dr.philos, UiB. 2004. E-post til forfatteren:

Birgitte Moesgaard Henriksen: Oral health among the elderly in Norway. A descriptive epidemiological study. Dr.odont. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål universitetssykehus. 2004.  

Sabine Ruths: Drug utilisation quality in nursing homes: the Bergen district nursing home(BEDNURS)study. Det medisinske fakultet,UiB. 2004. E-post til forfatteren:

Unni Sveen: Activities and well-being after stroke. Dr. philos. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål universitetssykehus, 2004. E-post til forfatteren:

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Øyvind Kirkevold: Use of restraints in Norwegian nursing homes, focusing on persons with dementia. Dr. philos. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål universitetssykehus. 2005. 

Kari Kvaal: Assessment of anxiety in geriatric patients. Dr. philos. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål universitetssykehus. 2005.

Brynjar Fure: Improving the diagnostic and prognostic accuracy of acute ischaemic stroke. Dr. med. Geriatrisk avdeling, Ullevål universitetssykehus/ Sykehuset i Asker og Bærum, UiO, 2006. E-post til forfatteren: 

Ingvild Saltvedt: Treatment of acutely sick, frail elderly patients in a geriatric evaluation and management unit - Results from a prospective randomised trial. Dr. med. Geriatrisk avdeling, St.Olavs hospital, NTNU, 2006. E-post til forfatteren:

Ingun Ulstein: Dementia in the family. UIO 2007. 

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Geir Selbæk: Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in Norwegian nursing homes -prevalence, course and association with psychotropic drug use. Ph.d Ullevål Universitetssykehus, UiO,2008. E-post til

Bettina Sangathe Husebø: Assessment of pain in patients with dementia. MD, Ph.D Universitetet i Bergen, 2008. E-post til forfatter:

Karen Bjøro: Pain Treatment: A Risk Factor for Delirium in Older Adults with Hip Fracture. RN, Ph.D Univerity of IOWA. E-post til forfatter:

Margrete Mangset: Autonomy and trust. Stroke patients and their relatives preferences for information and decision making during stroke treatment and recovery.  Kandidat i sykepleievitenskap. Ph.D. Ullevål Universitetssykehus, UiO. 2009. Epost til forfatter:

Else Vengnes Grue: Vision and hearing impairment in old age.  Kandidat i sykepleievitenskap. Ph.D. 2009

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Anne Lund: Lifestyle intervention for older adults in rehabilitation after stroke: Development, implementation and evaluation. UIO 2012. 

Sverre Bergh: Neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with dementia in Norwegian nursing homes - the course of the symptoms and discontinuation of psychotropic medication. UIO 2012. 

Hege Ihle-Hansen MD: Cognitive impairment after stroke and TIA : Etiology, diagnosis and prevention. UiO 2012. Epost til forfatter:

Anne Marie Mork Rokstad: Atferdsforandringer ved demenssykdom - effekt og betydning av ikke-farmakologiske intervensjoner på individ- og organisasjonsnivå. UIO 2013. 

Kjell Krüger: Can a structured electronic patient record with decision-making support improve nursing home quality? UiB 2013.

Susanne Hernes: Community acquired infections in adult and elderly airways; an evaluation of diagnostic harvesting techniques. UiB, 2013.

Hege Kersten: Reducing anticholinergic burden in a frail elderly population: Translating the inappropriateness of anticholinergic drugs into patient-related outcomes. UiO 2013. Epost til forfatter:

Hogne Sønnesyn: Frequency and prognostic implications of orhtostatic hypotension and white matter hyperintensities in older people with mild dementia. UIB 2014. Epost til forfatter:

Frøydis Bruvik: Psykososiale intervensjoner for pasienter med demens og deres pårørende i ulike kulturer. UIO 2014. 

Janne Røsvik: Hva er komplekse intervensjoner? Forskningsmessige utfordringer og praktiske implikasjoner. UIO 2014. 

Anne Brita Knapskog MD: Depression in memory clinic patients: prevalence, symptoms and validity of standardized depression scales. UIO 2014. Epost til forfatter:

Maria Krogseth: The frailty syndrome - a key to understanding health and disease in the elderly? UIO 2014. 

Leiv Otto Watne MD: Delirium in hip fracture patients: consequences, prevention strategies and pathophysiological mechanisms. UiO 2014. Epost til forfatter:

Marte Mellingsæter: Falls and autonomic circulatory control in the elderly. Findings from a falls clinic and head-up tilt tests. UIO 2015. 

Audhild Nyrnes: Atrial fibrillation in The Tromsø Study 1994-2007. Risk factors, occurrence and gender differences. UIT 2016.