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Utdanningsstipend EMEAC-IFCN 2020

Videreformidler informasjon om utdanningsstipend fra EMEAC-IFCN for 2020. Det er totalt 10 stk stipend som skal deles ut. Søknadsfristen er 1.april 2020. Les mer info fra IFCN og last ned vedlegg du trenger for å søke.
5. januar 2020
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Dear Society Members and Delegates,

One of the aims of the Chapter is ‘to promote and support pre- and postgraduate educational programs in Clinical Neurophysiology.’ ExCo, EMEA Chapter is pleased to announce that it has funds to support 10 scholarships for trainees to study abroad. 

These scholarships will be for €2,500 to be spent for an up to 6-week visit to a centre of excellence outside the home country of the applicants to extend their training in clinical neurophysiology practice.

Applicants will need to arrange their visits themselves.

An application form is attached to this announcement. Candidates need to send details of their field of study, and why it is not easily available in their host country, a letter of acceptance from their host and of support from their own department head, together with a short CV (no more than one side A4).

The closing date for application is 1st April 2020. Decisions will be announced by 1stMay 2020. Scholarships should take place between 1st June 2020 and 31st May 2021.

This is a new initiative from ExCo, EMEAC whilst funds allow. It is keen to assess the impact of these scholarships. Feedback will be sought on completion of the visits from both scholars and their host. A further condition is that feedback will also be required from each candidate and from their home department after a year from completion.


With best wishes,

Jonathan Cole (Chair-ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Hatice Tankisi (Secretary and treasurer, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Ivan Rektor (M-a-L, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Antonio Martins da Silva (M-a-L, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Anita Kamondi (M-a-L, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)