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Nye måter å holde seg oppdatert om IFCN på. IFCN EMEAC Chapter Site and Facebook EMEA "Chapter Chat".

IFCN EMEAC Chapter Site and Facebook EMEA "Chapter Chat". To nye måter å få med seg nyheter og informasjon fra IFCN på.
22. februar 2021
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Dear Colleagues,

We have pleasure in announcing two developments in our Chapter’s communication to individual members of national societies.


IFCN EMEA Chapter Site.

With the improvements in the IFCN website we now have the ability to make our own chapter area more comprehensive, accessible and interactive. Our new and energetic Member-at-Large, Antonin Gechev, has also produced the attached short video on how best to access and use the IFCN/EMEAC web page members’ area which we commend to you. 

We will continue to send out regular emails with news and announcements to national society representatives, as before, but will also post these on the IFCN/EMEA Chapter website. In addition EMEAC business will be emailed more discretely to member society councils as before.

To access this area individuals will need to log-in having registered on ( This is not too arduous. It does allow IFCN to know who is accessing the sites and how frequently. It also allows IFCN and the chapter to build up a list of individual members as well.


Facebook EMEA ‘Chapter Chat.

Antonin has also developed an EMEA Chapter Facebook site ( to be published), which we have entitled, ‘Chapter Chat.’ This Facebook area allows us to exchange information, news and views about various topics; especially made it easy for access on your mobile devices.

We do not know yet how active these areas will become, but encourage you all to access them and contribute regularly . We hope they will be of interest and become used more and more.


With very best wishes, 

Jonathan Cole, Chair

Hatice Tankisi, Secretary/treasurer

Anita Kamondi, MaL

Antonio Martins de Silva, MaL

Antonin Gechev, MaL