Nyhetsbrev fra presidenten i IFCN, November 2022

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Though you might imagine that following the ICCN 2022 there might be a period of relative calm in IFCN activity, this has not been the case. Our new Education Committee, co-chaired by Lynn Liu and Paulo Kimaid, has been active finding new people to serve and thinking of future activities. The inaugural meeting of our Young Neurophysiologists Network (YNN) took place in Geneva at the ICCN. Its officers, chaired by Ricardo Kienitz are also developing ideas and would welcome others to their network. I hope there will be announcements from both of these in due course.

Our treasurer Aatif Husain has been working on our budget for next year with the new Finance Committee while also completing that of ICCN 2022. This arduous work goes on behind the scenes, but without it we would not function, so our thanks to them.

It is a pleasure to announce a new member society to the IFCN; welcome to the Vietnam Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine. We hope its individual members find the IFCN stimulating, informative and enjoyable.

On a personal level, I was delighted to give a very short introductory talk outlining the IFCN’s work at the recent International Neurological disorders and Neurophysiology Conference (INNC) held in China. It was also a pleasure to meet, face to face, older colleagues and new at a recent meeting of the British Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. It was the Society’s 80th Anniversary Meeting, having first met in 1942, so many congratulations to it.

With Warm Regards,
Jonathan Cole
IFCN President


UK CNP 80 år