Prof Hatice Tankisi ny president i EMEA Chapter, IFCN. Hilsen fra avtroppende president Prof Jonathan Cole.

Professor Hatice Tankisi has been elected the next President of the EMEA Chapter of the IFCN.

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce that Professor Hatice Tankisi has been elected the next President of the EMEA Chapter of the IFCN, to serve a four year term.

For a single candidate confirmatory election there was a huge turnout and the vote was unanimous in her favour.

Now that process is over, I can say how delighted I am and offer my congratulations to Professor Tankisi. She will, I am sure, do an outstanding job. It is great news for our Chapter.

With best wishes,





Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Now that Professor Tankisi has been elected President of EMEA Chapter and chair of its executive committee, may I thank you for the support and encouragement during my time of those offices.

The EMEA Chapter is very special within the IFCN since it has the most member societies by far, the most individual members and is by far the most active, (despite a small budget). We have started outreach to Africa under Antonio Martins da Silva’s leadership, and continue our survey and curriculum work with Anita Kamondi. Antonin Gechev has a working group now exploring accessible IT support for better quality virtual meetings. Meanwhile, mainly due to Hatice Tankisi’s work, we have been cooperating with organisations like the European Brain Council, the European Brain Research Area and the European Academy of Neurology. I would like to thank them all for their endless enthusiasm, hard work and support these last four years

One regret is that I may be the most invisible president of the chapter ever. Due to a fracture after a cycling accident preventing me from attending the Warsaw ECCN and Covid postponing the Marseille one, I have not been present at a European Congress in Clinical Neurophysiology during my term of office. Apart from seeing the fruits of our labour preparing these, and enjoying the science and medicine, my main sorrow is that I have not been able to meet so many colleague and friends.

That is now past, and it is better to look forward. The chapter is in excellent hands under Hatice and her executive committee. I look forward to seeing some of you at the ICCN In Geneva next September and the ECCN in Marseille in 2023, Covid permitting.

Thanks once more for the support,


With best wishes,



Prof Jonathan Cole

Prof Jonathan Cole.     


Hatice Tankisi

Prof Hatice Tankisi