Norsk forening for lungemedisin


Nordisk arbeidsgruppe for hjemme-NIV hos kols-pasienter

Det ble ved Nordisk lungekongress i Tallin 2019 tatt initiativ til å danne en nordisk arbeidsgruppe for hjemme-NIV hos kols-pasienter. Arbeidsgruppen vil møtes under ERS Madrid 2019, og ønsker alle interesserte velkommen!
9. september 2019

Dear all!

At the Nordic Lung Congress in Tallinn, we had a discussion on domiciliary NIV for COPD patients. This is a special field where the treatment may differ between countries as well within countries.

Some countries have updated guidelines and registers.

Besides, there are important ethical questions.

How can we learn from each other to improve this treatment in our own country? When do we start treatment given the current evidence? How do we organize the treatment? When do we stop treatment? How do we deal with patients who are addicted to the mask, using it 24/7?

We have a common goal to establish a Nordic council for home NIV – primarily for COPD-patients.

Certainly, other ventilation problems should be included in the future.

We therefore agreed to meet at the ERS in Madrid. The meeting will take place

TUESDAY, October 1th, 13.00-14.30 pm (room A5.02) at the Mezzanine of the congress venue (North Convention Centre)

I send this mail to those who participated at the meeting in Tallinn and to pulmonologists in this field that or some of the other colleagues know of. (In Norway through the Norwegian Centre for home mechanical ventilation - NKH).

However, please, feel free to invite colleagues. And could someone send this to a colleague in Iceland?

No food or coffee will be served

No companies are involved at all.

Best regards, on behalf of all the colleagues,

Anne-Marie Gabrielsen