Fellowship and Grants, FIGO

FIGO Visiting Lecturer Scheme

FIGO will consider applications from qualified professionals, through and with the support of the inviting member society, wishing to undertake a lecture tour of one or more countries in the developing world.The terms and conditions applicable to the scheme are as follows:

  • FIGO will provide the cost of air travel in accordance with its current travel policy up to the maximum of US$ 2.000 per tour. A maximum of five tours per calendar year may be supported.
  • Topics covered may be selected by the lecturer but must be on a topic of relevance to obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • Applications will be critically reviewed by the FIGO Officers with a view to maximising the benefits for both the speakers and the beneficiary society/societies. All applications must include:
  1. A detailed breakdown of the travel costs involved
  2. A schedule of proposed speaking engagements
  3. A detailed programme of units to be visited and lectures to be given, and
  4. A letter of support from the Host Society/Socities confirming that it/they will meet all local costs, including accomodation, ground transport, and food.

A full report on all visits undertaken within the FIGO Visiting Lecturer Scheme must be submitted to the FIGO Officers after the visit has taken place.

Educational "twinning programmes between developed country societies and societies in the developing world.

FIGO provides limited financial support of up to US $2.000 per programme for up to five educational "twinning" programmes each year on the following basis:

  • The programme must represent a new initiative and not be merely an extension of existing activities
  • The program must facilitate postgraduate teaching
  • Resource personel must be provided by the societies of the developed and the develpoping countries linking together in this way
  • The amount of funding provided by FIGO must be matched by the developed country society
  • The activities to be undertaken must be agreed and approved in advance by FIGO

FIGO would welcome approaches from coutries wishing to become involved in this initiative, stating with wich country their society wish to link. Societies wishing to apply must submit a detailed breakdown of the activity that it wishes to promote, including an itemised budget, so that it can be considered by the FIGO Officers.

This represents an excellent opportunity to promote greater dialogue between FIGO`s member societies taking advantages of the organisation`s unique status as the only body that groups member societies of obstetricians and gynaecologists worldwide.

Dr Keith McCallum Prize for Technology

Dr Keith McCallum from Australia – who received one of the first Distinguished Community Service Awards at the 2000 World Congress – has generously agreed to make, through FIGO, an award of approximately US$ 2.750,- to a person – or –persons developing or adapting technology so that it can be made available at low cost to the developing world.

  • Those involved in scrutinising the abstract submitted for the Scientific Programme for the 2003 World Congress in Santiago, Chile, will be asked to identify candidates and recommend them to the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee and Chair of the Congress 2003 Organising Committee for consideration.
  • The winner of the prize will be selected by the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee and Chair of the Congress 2003 Organising Committee from the abstracts.
  • The Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee will be asked to have a dedicated session at which the winning candidate could present his/her idea and formally receive the award.
  • The winner and his/her idea could be the subject of a subsequent feature in the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics.







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