London-Innsbruck Kollokvium om Status Epilepticus

The 9th London-Innsbruck Colloquiumon Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures

Dear colleagues,

It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to the 9th London-Innsbruck Colloquium on Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures. This meeting has been held every two years since 2007 and has become a landmark meeting in the international epilepsy calendar. During this time there have been exciting advances in the field, with better mechanistic understanding and new treatments and clinical strategies, and we like to think that the Colloquia have played a part in the progress made.

The faculty includes the leading figures in the field of Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures from around the world. There is an exciting and stimulating programme which should appeal to all those interested in the field, and is designed for both senior and junior clinicians and scientists and others.
For the first time, we also offer a hybrid facility, with virtual online attendance at the colloquium as well as attendance in person. After the conference,  material and lectures will be available for one month online to all virtual and in-person attendees. 

As in the previous Colloquia, we pay particular attention to making the meeting both interesting and enjoyable for our delegates, and we look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the Colloquium.


With warm regards

Simon Shorvon, Eugen Trinka and Matthew Walker



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