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Her følger brevet fra SSSH:
4. juni 2019
Tallinn fra luften. Foto
Tallinn fra luften. Foto
«Dear colleagues, 
Please forward following message to your colleagues in your country. 
We would like to remind you of the invitation to the 27th Scandinavian Hand Surgery Congress, held together with Singaporean Hand Surgery Society in Tallinn, Estonia on 21.-24. August 2019.  
Please note, there is just a few days over three weeks remaining until the early-bird registration fordeadline on 21 June 2019. 
Over the course of 4 days, a broad spectrum of topics will be discussed, as there will be 2 sessions running in parallel with one targeting surgeons, the other hand therapists, as the audience. The following list showcases some of the invited speakers and their topics: 

Prof. Teoh Lam Chuan, Singapore ; presenting  Moberg lecture: “A personal case studies of long term result of upper limb microsurgical reconstructions” 
Dr. Donald Lalonde, USA  - WALANT -  Satellite course 
Prof. Mark-Garcia Elias, Spain: “Post-traumatic DRUJ chronic dysfunctions:  Classification and treatment” 
Prof. David Warwick, UK : “Distal Biceps tears, repair, and reconstruction” 
Dr. PC Ho, Hong Kong : “Arthoscopic management of the scaphoid nonunion: concept and technique” 
Prof. Hebe Desiree Kvernmo, Norway: “Boxer ´s fracture” 
Dr. Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt, Norway: “Update on TFCC tears"
Dr. Andrew Chin, Singapore: “Complications of Wrist Arthroscopy"
Prof. Igor Golubev, Russia:  “Posttraumatic finger joints stiffness”
Dr. Mark Baratz, USA: “Arthroplasty after elbow  trauma”
Dr. Teemu Karjalainen, Finland: “Outcomes of Digital Soft Tissue Reconstruction”
Dr. Antti Launonen, Finland: “A review of the literature and the outcome of conservatively managed distal radius fractures” 
Dr. David Tan, Singapore: “Complications of operatively treated distal radius fractures”
Dr. Sandeep Sebastin, Singapore:  “Resurfacing Dorsal Digital Soft Tissue Defects”
Prof.  Lars Adolfsson, Sweden: “Acute and chronic simple elbow dislocations, mechanism and treatment options”
Dr. Paolo Sassu, Sweden: “Hand Transplantation”
Prof. Max Ortiz-Catalan, Sweden: “Bionic Hand”
Tim Beames, UK: "Pain day"
Mealnie Eissens, NED: "Midcarpal instability"
Sarah Mee, UK: "ECU tendinitis"
Nicola Goldsmith, UK: "Therapy for thumb CMC" 
Before the main event itself, 2 pre-congress courses have been organised: 
19-20.08 wrist arthroscopy course in Tampere, Finland. See the attached files for details.  21.08 WALANT (Wide Awake, Local Anaesthesia, No Tourniquet) by dr. Donald Lalonde. » —Kristo Kask MD, PhD on behalf of organising committee