Webinar FESSH

FESSH starter opp med månedlige webinarer arrangert av de respektive lands håndkirurgiske foreninger. Webinaret er gratis, men man må registrere seg på linken under!
Webinar FESSH

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FESSH is happy to invite you to our NEW monthly webinars called FESSH ACADEMY WEBINAR SERIES. Each event will be organised by one FESSH member hand society.

The very first event’s host is the Netherlands: NVvH.  


When: 11 January, 2024  19:30 Central-European time

Title: Malunions of the distal radius: why and how to correct them: freehand or 3D guided?
Presenters: Anne Vochteloo and Niels Schep (the Netherlands)
Chair of the webinar: Jonathan Hobby (UK)


Anne Vochteloo is trained as an orthopaedic surgeon and after his basis training, he subspecialized in upper limb pathology after two fellowships for Hand/ Ttrauma and Shoulder/Elbow in Cape Town. As of 2012, he works as an upper limb consultant at the Hand and Shoulder units of OCON Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Hengelo, the Netherlands.
With his local colleagues he founded the OCON 3D lab, with two PhD students for research projects with regards to different aspects of 3D analysis and development of patient specific guides voor all kinds of corrective osteotomies.
He serves as a board member of the Dutch Society of Hand and Wrist Surgery, the Hand and Wrist and 3D Committees of the Dutch Orthopaedic Society and the FESSH 3D Group . Finally he has a special interest in online discussion groups and medical apps to discuss cases.

Dr. Niels Schep, a was trained as a general and trauma surgeon. In 2003, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, focusing on Computer-assisted Navigation Surgery. Presently, Dr. Schep's expertise is centered around acute and chronic hand, wrist and elbow injuries, reflecting his commitment to specialized care.
Dr. Schep boasts an extensive background in the medical field, contributing significantly to research with over 200 published scientific articles. He serves as a board member of the Dutch Society of Hand and Wrist Surgery and holds the position of President at the Dutch AO.
Currently, Dr. Schep works at the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A Level II Trauma Centre and Burn Centre. Actively engaged in numerous studies, he underscores his dedication to advancing medical knowledge and enhancing patient care.


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