Program for The 8th Ahus Colorectal Symposium (32441)

Torsdag 25. januar

09.00 The transanal approach.

Anders Tøttrup

09.30 Welcome.
09.40 Live surgery; Colorectal disorders (including videos).

Laparoscopic oncologic colorectal surgery – a training model in our pathology lab. Erik Kjæstad

12.30 Lunch.
13.30 Black box in the theatre.

Marlies Schijven

14.00 Fistula treatment.

Stig Norderval

14.30 ALASCCA.

Anna Martling

15.00 Coffee.
15.20 Right sided hemicolectomy. D3 or what, pro-con.

Dejan Ignjatovic, Frank Pfeffer

16.00 The failed anastomosis.

Willem Bemelman

16.30 How do I treat the incontinent patient.

Steen Buntzen

Fredag 26. januar

09.30 Lavage or not in perforated diverticulitis, pro-con.

Willem Bemelman, Johannes Schultz

10.10 Coffee.
10.30 When and how to create a stoma.

Peter Matthiessen

11.00 Shall we have a bad conscience for not using a

prophylatic stoma mesh? Pia Näsvall

11.30 Watch and Wait, the Swedish and Norwegian protocols.

Anna Martling, Hartwig Kørner

12.10 Lunch.
12.50 Elective surgery for diverticular disease, when?

Johannes Schultz

13.20 Early closure of the loop ileostomy, pro-con.

TBD, Peter Mathhiessen

14.00 Adjourn.