Program for Ultrasound for anesthesiologists. Peripheral nerve blocks, vascular access, basic echocardiography (33208)

Tirsdag 15. januar

09.00 Ultrasound techniques for peripheral blocks and vascular access and echocardiography

– what is new and why is it really necessary to learn.

09.25 Functional and zonoanatomy of brachial plexus.
Jan-Yuri Felixovitch Kazansky
10.20 Coffee/tea break
10.25 Principles for ultrasonographic-guided anesthetic techniques.
Torvind Olav Næsheim
11.20 Interscalene nerve blocks for orthopedic sugery - Ahus experience.
Jan-Yuri Felixovitch Kazansky
12.10 Coffe/tea break.
12.15 The supraclavicular block
12.55 Infraclavicular block
13.35 Peripheral blocks of upper extrimety.
Paolo Gava
14.10 Coffe/tea break.
14.15 Basic Eccocardiography part 1.
Torvind Olav Næsheim
15.05 Lunch.
15.25 Echocardiography demonstration in full audiotorium
Torvind Olav Næsheim
15.30 Practical training on medical students
17.30 Concluding remarks and plan for tomorrow sessions
17.40 End
19.00 Traditional Scandinavian dining

Onsdag 16. januar

09.00 Functional and sonoanatomy of the lower extremity
Jan-Yuri Felixovitch Kazansky
09.40 Femoral nerve block / obturator channel block / poplitea plexus block

H. Rasmussen

10.10 Obturator nerve block.

J.Y. Kazansky / Rasmussen

10.40 Coffe/tea break.
10.50 Sciatic nerve block

Case report F.H.Kvinge

Jan-Yuri Felixovitch Kazansky
11.30 Psoas compartment block

Mæhlem  J.O.  Case report H. Rasmussen , A.Nordgreen 

12.05 Coffe/tea break.
12.15 Echocardiography part 2.
Torvind Olav Næsheim
13.20 Lunch
14.30 Ultrasonographic-guided functional anatomy

of lower extremities on medical students in full auditorium

Torvind Olav Næsheim
Jan-Yuri Felixovitch Kazansky
15.00 Echocardiography demonstration in full auditorium
Torvind Olav Næsheim
15.15 Practical training on medical students

using ultrasound and transdermal electric nerve stimulation.

 H. Rasmussen , J.O. Mæhlem , J.Y. Kazansky, T. Næsheim

17.30 Concluding remarks and plan for tomorrow sessions.
17.40 End

Torsdag 17. januar

07.00 Practical training of regional anesthetic techniques

vascular access, echocardiography on patients of University hospital in Ahus .

Base 1: Interscalene block

Base 2: Infraclavicular, lateral brachial plexus blockade   

Base 3: Ultrasonographic-guided ischiadicus and femoral blockade using ultrasound and stimuplex 
Base 4: Ischiadicus and femoral (saphenus) blockade using
ultrasound and stimuplex. 

Base 5: Trunck blocks using ultrasound and stimuplex. 

Base 6: Echocardiography basic. (T. Næsheim ) 5-6 patients

Base 7 : : Echocardiography basic. (R. Topolsky ) 4-5 patients

Base 8 : : Echocardiography basic. (G.Gulati  ) 4-5 patients


Vascular access will be demonstrated in the operating theatres during the day.

15.00 Summary and concluding remarks.
16.00 End