Program for fMRI - 20 year anniversary (33740)

Onsdag 6. november

09.00 Registration opens (coffee).
10.00 Welcome.

Professor Asta Håberg

10.05 Anniversary Introduction.

Professor Olav Haraldset

10.25 Introduction to seminar organization.

Live Eikenes

The BOLD signal

10.30 Discovery of the BOLD signal.

Professor S Ogawa, Sendai University, Japan

11.15 Break/refreshments.
11.35 Capillary pericytes: their role in neurovascular coupling,

generation of BOLD signals, stroke and Alzheimer's disease. Professor D Attwell, UCL, UK


12.25 Evolution of fMRI analyses from blocks and event -

-related to resting state fMRI. Professor A Dale, UCSD, US

13.15 Lunch.

Clinical /neuroscience fMRI session

14.15 fMRI in presurgical planning.

Associate professor Erik Berntsen, St. Olav/NTNU

14.35 Pain processing.

Associate professor Siri Leknes, University of Oslo

14.55 From lesion studies to basic cognition, frontoparietal

experiences from fMRI studies in Oslo. Professor Tor Endestad, UiO

15.15 Cognitive control in neurodevelopmental versus

acquired brain injury. Associate professor Alexander Olsen NTNU/St. Olavs

15.35 Refreshments.

Clinical fMRI continued

16.00 The neural signature of mind-wandering:

A combined EEG and fMRI study. Matthias Mittner, UiT

16.20 Conditioned Avoidance Response - translating an

experimental animal paradigm to an fMRI paradigm. Jimmy Jenssen, HK, Sweden (previously TOPP(UiO/OUS))

16.40 Clinical 7T in Trondheim, a national infra structure.

Pål Erik Goa/Raphael Kepler

17.00 End Day 1.

Torsdag 7. november

fMRI methodology

09.00 Alternative methods for non-invasive MRI based decoding

of brain activity. Associate professor Wietske van der Zwaag, Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging, the Netherlands

09.45 Uni- and Multivariate analysis,

PhD Hallvard R Evensmoen, NTNU

10.15 Statistical issues and challenges in fMRI.

Associate professor Anderson Winkler, NIH, US

11.00 Break and refreshments.
11.30 Methodological challenges in fMRI: Reproducibility.

Karsten Specht, University of Bergen, Norway

12.15 Connectivity analysis.

Richard Betzel, Indiana University Bloomington, US

13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Multimodal/multisite image and large data sets.

Neda Jahanshad, USC, US

fMRI neuroscience / clinic.

14.45 fMRI Navigation.

postdoc Tobias Navarro Schröder, NTNU

15.05 fMRI memory.

Professor Asta Håberg, NTNU

15.25 Future perspectives on fMRI.

Professor Kenneth Hugdahl, University of Bergen

15.55 Meeting summary and wrap up.
16.00 End.