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09. februar 2024

Duty to treat and perceived risk of contagion during the COVID-19 pandemic: Norwegian physicians' perspectives and experiences – a questionnaire survey.

The COVID-19 pandemic actualised the dilemma of how to balance physicians´ obligation to treat patients and their own perceived risk of being infected. To discuss this in a constructive way we need empirical studies of physicians´ views of this obligation.
09. februar 2024

Guidelines and clinical priority setting during the covid-19 pandemic – Norwegian doctors’ experiences

In the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, strong measures were taken to avoid anticipated pressure on health care, and this involved new priorities between patient groups and changing working conditions for clinical personnel. We studied how doctors experienced this situation.
09. februar 2024

An empirical bioethical examination of Norwegian and British doctor’s views of responsibility and (de)prioritization in healthcare.

In a world with limited resources, allocation of resources to certain individuals and conditions inevitably means fewer resources allocated to other individuals and conditions. Should a patient's personal responsibility be relevant to decisions regarding allocation?
09. februar 2024

Should a patient's socioeconomic status count in decisions about treatment in medical care? A longitudinal study of Norwegian doctors' views.

The major causes of social inequalities in health are found outside of healthcare. However, healthcare can also play a role in maintaining, reducing, or reinforcing inequality. We present and discuss results from a panel study of doctors' views on whether and how socioeconomic factors should play a role in clinical decision making.
01. april 2020

Hvorfor velger leger seg bort fra allmennmedisin? / Why are doctors opting out of general practice?

The article (Birkeli CN, Rosta J, Aasland OG, Isaksson Rø K, Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 2020; 140: 442-6) is published in both Norwegian and English version.
13. november 2019

Prioriteringsveiledere i spesialisthelsetjenesten – rettslige og medisinskfaglige ansvarliggjøringsmekanismer? / Priority Guidelines in Specialist Health Service – Legal and Medical-Professional Accounability Mechanisms?

Aase-Kvåle I, Magnussen A-M, Nilssen E. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning 2019; 22 (3): 213-27. DOI:
19. september 2019

Changes in job satisfaction among doctors in Norway from 2010 to 2017: a study based on repeated surveys

A study by LEFO´s senior researcher Judith Rosta, Olaf Gjerløw Aasland and Magne Nylenna, shows that job satisfaction among Norwegian doctors has decreased, though still at a relatively high level. The decrease was significant for both GPs and hospital doctors. Private practice specialists were the most satisfied.
19. september 2019

Do you recommend cancer screening to your patients? A cross-sectional study of Norwegian doctors

A study by LEFO´s senior researcher Berit Bringedal, Atle Fretheim, Stein Nilsen and Karin Isaksson Rø shows that a large majority of doctors claimed that they recommended cancer screening in accordance with national guidelines: - Among doctors recommending screening contrary to the guidelines, GPs did so to a lesser degree than other specialties, they conclude.
24. januar 2019

Legers holdninger til aktiv dødshjelp / Doctors' attitude to assisted dying

Legers holdninger har endret seg fra 1993 til 2016, og det synes å være flere enn før som støttet legalisering i visse tilfeller. De færreste leger var selv villige til å utføre aktiv dødshjelp hvis det ble tillatt. Det viser en studie basert på data fra LEFOs spørreundersøkelser.

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