Dietary habits among Norwegian physicians

Sandstad B, Solvoll K, Drevon CA. Scand J Nutr 1997; 1: 23-6.

Article in English.

Abstract (not available on Pubmed): Objective: To assess dietary habits and nutritent intake among Norwegian medical doctors. Design, subjects and setting: A self-administered quantitative food frequency questionnaire was mailed to 1467 randomly selected Norwegian medical doctors. Among the 1014 responses, 952 (289 women, 663 men,65% of the selected population) were suitable for analysis. Comparions were made with a reference group consisting of 421 persons (193 women, 228 men) from a dietary survey among randomly selected Norwgeians. Results: For the females, the intake of energy and nutrients were very similar in the two groups, except for vitamin A, vitamin D and alcohol, doctors reporting higher intakes. Male doctors reported eating on average almost 1 MJ less, and tehy consumed significantly less protein, fat and cholesterol, whereas they had higher intake of vitamin C and D, as compared to the reference males. The percent of energy derived from fat was smaller for male doctors than for males in the reference group. Conclusion: Dietary habits and nutrient intake in medical doctors are quite similar to a reference population with few exceptions.

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