Current research

You can read more about our current research projects by following the links.

- The Doctor Panel: Repeated measurements are the only way to find out how the doctors really are experiencing their work and duties. The Doctor Panel was established in 1993. As of July 2019 we have 2.200 doctors as members of the Doctor Panel, our most important data source.

- The IDOQ study - Interactions between Doctors´ professional fulfillment, Organizational factors and Quality of patient care: In LEFO´s interactive research project IDOQ we explore how physicians experience the dynamic interactions between professional fulfillment, organizational aspects and quality of patient care.

 - Good for the doctor – good for the patient? In this study we want to examine how and why doctors contact support services for doctors (the Resource Centre Villa Sana or the Peer support service), and follow their progress over time.
The study consists of two parts:
                1. A qualitative study where we interview doctors who have accessed the Resource Centre Villa Sana. The doctors are interviewed within a week after their first visit to Sana, and are followed up with a new interview a year later. Doctors who have accessed the Peer support service are interviewed a year after their contact with a Peer supporter.
               PhD-candidate Ingrid Marie Taxt Horne, together with supervisor Karin Isaksson Rø, conduct the interviews.
              2. A quantitative study. All doctors who come to the Resource Centre Villa Sana are asked to complete questionnaires at baseline, after six weeks and after one and three years.

- Changes in perception of psychological stress at work among doctors in Norway: This study based on repeated surveys documents the perception of psychosocial work stress among Norwegian doctors in different job positions from 2010 to 2019. The study also looks at the association of perceived work stress with self-rated health and sickness absence in 2019. Authors: Judith Rosta, Olaf G. Aasland and Karin Isaksson Rø – all researchers at LEFO.

- The NORDOC study: Medical students from the whole of Norway, who started their studies in 1993 or finished their studies in 1993/94, have been surveyed through 26 years, called the NORDOC study.  The institute for behavioural medicine at the University of Oslo, has the responsibility for this study. LEFO – Institute for studies of the medical profession, co-operates with the university on several of the papers based on these data.