LEFO´s history

LEFO - Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession (until January 2013 called The Research Institute of the Norwegian Medical Association) was founded in 1995.

Central aim of the institute is to identify job characteristics that can either promote or restrain the physician`s job satisfaction, sickness, and health, and thereby the quality of medical work, as well as most aspects of the contemporay physician role. Results are extensively used in educational programmes of various medical specialties, for improvements of routines, and general development of the quality of clinical work in Norway. The Research Institute consults the branches of the Association in their efforts to support colleagues with physical, mental or job problems.

In 1992, The Norwegian Medical Association, through a separate project organization, carried out an extensive survey of physicians` health, sickness, working and living conditions. All members of the organization were asked to participate in one way or another, and the results, that are still being produced, form a valuable knowledge base for the Association`s efforts to secure and improve the conditions for medical work. As a continuation of this project, the institute collects cross sectional and longitudinal data from a permanent panel of physician respondents, from medical students and from various other groups selected for special projects. In addition to its own research projects, the institute also undertakes externally financed research and evaluation projects for various medical and non-medical institutions.