LEFO - Legeforskningsinstituttet

Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession

2008 Conference: Handling concerns about the performance of doctors


International conference in Oslo - Norway, January 31 and February 1, 2008.
10. februar 2012

 Program, day I, Chair: Per Haugum, Director, The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel

  • Terje Vigen, Secretary General, Norwegian Medical Association: Welcome
  • Olaf G. Aasland, Director, The Research Institute of the Norwegian Medical Association: Why so much concern about the performance of doctors?
  • Alastair Scotland, Director, National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS), UK: The history and function of the NCAS
  • Pauline McAvoy, Associate Director, Assessment Development, NCAS: NCAS Assessment
  • Aly Rashid, Associate Director, Post Assessment Training and Development, NCAS, and Claire McLaughlan, Action Planning Support Manager, NCAS: The British "Back on Track" program
  • Rosemary Field, Deputy Director, NCAS: Assessment and remediation for physicians about whom concerns have been expressed: an international survey
  • William Swiggart, Director of Training, Center for Professional Health, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennesee, USA: An Educational Intervention Program for Physicians with Disruptive Behavior

Program, day II, Chair: Barbro Andenæs, Director, Norwegian Appeal Board for Health Personnel

  • Ole Tunold, The Research Institute of the Norwegian Medical Association: Sum up, day 1
  • Jørgen Holmboe, project manager, The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision: Doctors unfit to practise.The role of the supervisory authority
  • Britt-Ingjerd Nesheim, Dean of Studies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo: Doctors with unprofessional behaviour - can they be detected and corrected during medical school?
  • Torunn Janbu, President, The Norwegian Medical Association: The responsibility of medical associations in helping dysfunctional doctors "back on track"school?
  • Therese Steen, Lawyer, Office of The Attorney General of Civil Affairs: The Norwegian Supreme Court´s assessment of unacceptable professional behaviour - sexual abuse of minor boys
  • Per Haugum, Director, The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel: Health care Professionals Crossing National Borders - how to unite the principle of free movement of professional service providers with stopping professionals who represent an unacceptable patient safety risk
  • Plenary discussion on international and national aspects of monitoring, control and sanctions, and the way forward