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2009 Workshop: European Association for Physician Health - EAPH

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11. november 2011
  Wednesday 28th October
13:00 {F6AA7E35DF5C}Scene-setting: Objectives for the meeting and how the meeting came about
Introduced by Olaf G. Aasland
13:15 ntroductions and group work (DVD-case scenario from NCAS to discuss):

Handling doctors with health problems - to share experience of

  • Engaging doctors to look after their own health
  • Recognising potential health problems
  • Encouraging doctors to seek help at an early stage through appropriate channels
  • Treating sick doctors
  • Helping sick doctors back into the workplace

Introduced by Olaf G. Aasland

14:45 Break
15:00 Group work: Health issues and fitness to practise - a regulatory perspective
Group work: Case studies to discuss
Introduced by Blake Dobson, General Medical Council
17:00 Break

Establishing the working arrangements and leadership of the Association

  • What has been happening over the last few months with EAPH?
  • Why do we need Constitution and Officers?

Presentation of the workshop draft Constitution and Officer Nomination Forms. Discussion and feedback in plenary.
Introduced by Rosemary Field and Florence Starr

18:00 Close




Thursday 29th October

Scene-setting and follow up from the previous day’s work
Introduced by Olaf G. Aasland and Jenny Firth-Cozens


Group work - Doctors treating doctors (session outlines)
Introduced by

10:45 Break
11:00 Feedback from individual table discussion – group work: Doctors treating doctors
Introduced by Olaf G. Aasland

Ratify Constitution and election of Officers to EAPH
Introduced by Rosemary Field and Florence Starr

Officers elected: Antoni Arteman (Spain), Jenny Firth-Cozens (England), Andrèe Rochfort (Ireland), Olaf G. Aasland (Norway), Friedrich Martin Wurst (Austria), Pilar Lusilla (Spain), Jacek Chapla (Poland) and Mike Peters (England).

Open forum:

  • What would member like from the EAPH-website?
  • Topics for next year’s workshop?
  • What would members of EAPH participate in to keep the association active?

An opportunity for all attendees to raise any other relevant issues which may not have already been covered.
Introduced by Mike Peters

12:30 Key note address
By Torunn Janbu, President of The Norwegian Medical Association
12:50 Close
13:00 Lunch