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EAPH conference 2019 in Oslo

In May 2019 more than 100 delegates were gathered to participate in the 7th international conference of the European Association for Physician Health: "The Doctor, The Patient and The Workplace".
28. juni 2018
  • Conference topic: The Doctor, The Patient and The Workplace 
  • Dates: Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st May 2019
  • Venue: Thon Hotel Opera in the centre of Oslo

The conference focused on interactions between quality of care, professional satisfaction and organizations, such as:

  • Medical education – care quality and doctors’ health: Coping with work-life balance and delivery of good quality care.
  • Medical practice and patient care: The doctors’ role in organizations; the impact of this on themselves and patients.
  • Professional needs and doctors’ care: The balance between professional and personal needs in relation to quality of care in a changing healthcare system.
  • Other topics: Including, but not restricted to: Artificial intelligence – different aspects, challenges and benefits of technology in the interactions between quality of care, professional fulfilment and organizations.