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IPOQ 2013: Research on health and working conditions of the medical profession

LEFO´s 1st Nordic research seminar, November 2013: – What is being done, and what is coming?
7. november 2013

Doctors´ and medical students´ health and working conditions are important topics for research and interventions internationally, and also in the Nordic countries. In this year's seminar 18 Nordic researchers from different disciplines presented their work for 50 participants.

From 1993 to 1997 there were regular meetings between Nordic researchers, mainly sponsored by the medical associations in the Nordic countries. The initiative was taken by Mauri Johansson, Denmark. Members of the first group were, in addition to Mauri, Henrik Bøggild, Denmark, Santero Kujala, Finland, Britt Gustafsson, Sweden, and Olaf G. Aasland and Erik Falkum from Norway. Later others joined the group, including Vilhjalmur Rafnsson from Iceland.

Partly as a result of the work in this group an international conference about doctors´ health and working conditions– «The Physician Role in Transition – Is Hippokrates Sick?». was organized in Oslo in 1997. The medical associations in England and USA were co-organizers, along with the Nordic associations. Some of the presentations from this conference are published in Social Science & Medicine (Vol 52, nr 2, 2001).

What is being done in 2013, and what is needed in the future?
The staff at LEFO wanted to resume the Nordic research co-operation as earlier, and invited to a one-day seminar in Oslo. We asked for short presentations of on-going research projects.

By following the links you will find biographies of the presenters, abstracts of their presentations/studies and some of the presentations. If you want further information please contact us.

Media covering the seminar (in Norwegian):
- Deler nordisk kunnskap om legers helse. Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 2014; 134: 676