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Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession

IPOQ 2013: Research on health and working conditions of the medical profession

Birgit Petersson

Are the high requirements for studying medicine a threat to future doctors' role understanding and health?
7. november 2013

Birgit Petersson, MD from University of Copenhagen 1973. She is a psychiatrist and has since 1987 been associate professor in women and gender research at Institute of Public Health at University of Copenhagen.

Are the high requirements for studying medicine a threat to future doctors´ role understanding and health?  
We have for several years been studying the health and illness among MD and medical students. From 2006/7 we have followed 561 medical students = 57 % of the enrolled students. From the baseline data we find that 30 % had experienced depressive symptoms in the last 14 days. They report a high level of stress and psychosomatic symptoms. Since the 1980’s there has been a high requirement for studying medicine. This seems to promote admission of a special type of young people with a lot of psychological and psycho somatic problems. I will discuss the problems around these factors. Will the future MD’s be a vulnerable group of persons? What will the consequences be of these recruitment rules?  

(Unfortunately Birgit Petersson couldn't participate the seminar)

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