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IPOQ 2016: Nordic Research Seminar on Doctors, Systems and Quality

LEFO’s 3rd seminar with presentations of current research, 18-19 January 2016 in Oslo
23. september 2015

Key note lectures:

  • Mia von Knorring: “The manager role in relation to the physician role” Mia von Knorring is a psychologist, PhD, Researcher and Lecturer at Medical Management Centre – Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fredrik Bååthe: “Physicians´ engagement for improving healthcare processes - looking for engagement, finding identity” Fredrik Bååthe is PhD from Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University. He has professional background from management positions in healthcare, and high-tech and educational background from the MSc program Industrial Engineering and Management, with specialization in logistics.

Short presentations:

  • "How do Norwegian doctors perceive governing systems in health care?" Berit Bringedal, Benedicte Carlsen
  • "The relationship between perceived study conditions, stress and well-being among medical students in Trondheim and Bergen (STUDMED 2015)" Lise Tevik Løvseth, Reidar Tyssen
  • "The diagnostic division of labour" Lars J.F. Johannessen
  • "Contextual stress and mental distress as possible predictors of hazardous drinking in Norwegian medical doctors: a 15-year longitudinal and nationwide study (NORDOC)" Javed Iqbal Mahmood, Kjersti Støen Grotmol, Martin Tesli, Reidar Tyssen
  • “How to implement prevention strategies to lessen work-related symptoms among physicians?” Signe Lohmann-Lafrenz 
  • "Persona non-grata: medical students’ perspectives and reflections on own communicative behavior in emotional simulated medical encounters" Knut Ørnes, Hanne-Lise Eikeland, Arnstein Finset, Reidar Pedersen 
  • "Good and bad diagnoses, their attributes and outcomes: A qualitative study of Norwegian GPs’ reflexive diagnosis work"Erik B. Rasmussen
  • «Violence against doctors in Norway» Gro Flatøy, Ingrid Hjulstad Johansen, Valborg Baste, Judith Rosta, Tone Morken, Olaf Gjerløw Aasland
  • "Can peer counselling contribute to doctors´ wellbeing and performance? A qualitative study of peer counsellors" Karin Isaksson Rø, Olaf Gjerløw Aasland 

About the seminar lectures in 2016:

  • We have scheduled time for discussion after each presentation and for group discussions. 
  • All plenary presentations are in English, group discussions in English or Scandinavian. 

You can find more information about LEFOs previous seminars on this  page.

Practical information and costs:
When? Monday 18 January, 11:00 – Tuesday 19 January, 14:00
Where? Park Inn, Oslo Airport Hotel, Gardermoen, Oslo

Hotel package NOK 2780 includes: Accommodation with breakfast 18-19 Jan (NOK 995), dinner 18 Jan (NOK 395 + beverages), 2 day-packages including lunch and refreshments (NOK 1390, NOK 695/day).

LEFO’s staff will administrate the bookings and each participant pays directly to the hotel when leaving.
Deadline for registration: As soon as possible - and before 15 December

If you wish to cancel the registration, please notify LEFO before 15 December 2015. Your registration is binding after this date. The hotel has a “no show” for both the conference fee and the accommodation. Note that a 25% tax will be added to the original amount if "no show".

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