LEFO - Legeforskningsinstituttet

Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession

IPOQ 2018 - 5th Nordic Research Conference

Main theme "Leading healthcare" - Seminar with keynote speakers

This year we were proud to present three keynote speakers: Mats Brommels, Jan Ketil Arnulf and Per Bleikelia who shared their knowledge and experiences about leadership.
22. august 2017

The seminar with keynote presentations and plenary discussion "Leading healthcare" was moderated by Markus Moe, chief editor of the Norwegian journal Dagens Medisin

  • “Virtuous leadership: The value of medical competence in healthcare management” by Mats Brommels, MD, PhD, Professor (em), Founding Director, Medical Management Centre (MMC), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Leadership and organizational culture in primary health care – for patients and professionals by Jan Ketil Arnulf, MA Cand Psychol., PhD, Professor at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, BI – Norwegian Business School and Associate Dean at BI-Fudan MBA program, Oslo, Norway
  • Leading a hospital with other competencies than the medical - sharing of practise-based experiences (tentative title) by Per Skaugen Bleikelia, BD in Police Studies, Director and Responsible Facilitator at Ringerike Hospital, Vestre Viken Hospital Trust, and from May 2017 Managing Director at Martina Hansen´s Hospital, Gjettum, Norway.

Th seminar took place: Monday 22 January (Conference Day 1) from 15:00 – 18:00.