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Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession

IPOQ 2020 – 6th Nordic research conference

Keynote speakers - Main theme: Digitalizing and new technology

This year Bjørn Hofmann from Norway and Jørgen P. Bansler from Denmark shared their knowledge and experiences about the main theme for IPOQ 2020: "Digitalizing and new technology: Impacts on work climate, professional identity and patient care - Challenges and opportunities".
21. november 2019

- Title of Bjørn Hofmann´s lecture: "New technologies in health care – disrupting practices, professions, and societies?" 
- Title of Jørgen P. Bansler´s lecture: “User-driven adaptation of electronic health record systems: A case study of a large Epic implementation in Denmark”  

The keynote speakers:
Bjørn Hofmann, MSc, PhD, is a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology at Gjøvik and adjunct professor at the Centre for medical ethics at the University of Oslo. He holds a PhD in philosophy of medicine and is trained both in the natural sciences and in the humanities. His main research interests are philosophy of medicine, philosophy of science, technology assessment, and bioethics. Hofmann teaches ethics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of medicine, at the levels Ba, Ma, and PhD.

Jørgen P. Bansler  is a professor of human-centered computing at the University of Copenhagen. He holds a PhD in computer science, but his research is interdisciplinary, spanning the technical and social dimensions in an effort to understand how IT drives the transformation of work in contemporary organizations. His current research focuses on the application of IT to support communication and collaboration in complex, distributed organizations, primarily within health care.