LEFO - Legeforskningsinstituttet

Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession

IPOQ 2020 – 6th Nordic research conference

Presentations of current Nordic research/projects

In addition to the keynote lectures and plenary discussion there will be presentations of 13 current research projects from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian researchers.
22. januar 2020

LEFO's 6th interdisciplinary Nordic research conference - Interactions between Professions, Organisation and the Quality of Healthcare – is a small scale research conference, promoting conversations in a seminar form, with presentations from the multidisciplinary field of health care research.

13 abstracts were accepted for short presentations (10 abstracts are available for publication, see attachment below):

  • "In-house 3D-printing changing the way surgeons prepare for difficult procedures" - Jan-Magne Gjerde (name of the presenter), Mcs R&D Coordinator Operating Room of the Future, St Olavs Hospital, Trondheim.
  • "The future of medical AI: the role of medical doctors" - Torbjørn Gundersen (name of the presenter), Centre for the Study of Professions, OsloMet.
  • "How is data intensification changing clinical reasoning in general practice? A research proposal for an interdisciplinary PhD project" - Christoffer Bjerre Haase (name of the presenter),
    1. Section for Health Service Research, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.
    2. Section for General Practice, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.
    3. Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, Deakin University
  • "Data-intensive technologies in Pathology: Understanding the challenges and potential in the medical profession, diagnostics, and medical education" - Olsi Kusta (name of the presenter), Section of Health Service Research, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen and Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, Deakin University.
  • "Root metaphors about the futures of e-health interventions" -  Torsten Risør (name of the presenter), Dept. Community Medicine, UiT the Artic University of Norway.
  • "Increased mental distress and help-seeking among medical students over the past 20 years: the roles of gender and social support - Two cross-sectional surveys 20 years apart" - Nora Ruud (name of the presenter), Medical student, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo.
  • "Do peer support services meet the needs of doctors seeking help? A qualitative interview study" - Ingrid Marie Taxt Horne (name of the presenter), MD, Research Institute Modum Bad.
  • "Work and well-being in doctors: A short review of Norwegian studies" - Reidar Tyssen (name of the presenter), Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, University of Oslo.
  • "Different ward round – opening the space for the human illness experience – a way to balance digitalizing and new technology in healthcare" - Valdemar Erling (name of the presenter), senior physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
  • "Why don`t Norwegian doctors choose general practice? A study based on cross-sectional survey in 2016/2017" - Cecilie Normann Birkeli (name of the presenter), MHSc, LEFO - Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession.
  • "Governing health care provision – clinicians' experiences" - Inger Lise Teig (name of the presenter), Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen, Norway.
  • "Potentials and pitfalls of hospital board committees for quality and patient safety (HBCQPS)" - Ellen Tveter Deilkås (name of the presenter), Department of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, The Norwegian Directorate of Health and Health Services Research Unit, Akershus University Hospital.
  • "Does burnout among doctors really lead to objective and observed adverse patient outcomes? A selective review" - Kashan Mangory (name of the presenter), Faculty of Medicine - University of Oslo.