Physicians´ Internet activities and their perceived coping with the medical information

Nylenna M, Aasland OG. Medscape General Medicine - MedGenMed 2000 Jan 7;2(1):E7.

Article in English.

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Abstract on Pubmed:

OBJECTIVE: To describe and analyze physicians´ Internet activities and how this relates to their coping with medical information. METHODS: Postal survey among 1276 Norwegian physicians (response rate 78%). RESULTS: Seventy-two percent of all physicians had access to the Internet in 1999, up from 38% in 1997. One out of two physicians use the Internet for professional purposes. Web-based search is the dominant activity and Internet use is closely related to other ways of information-seeking (reading and attending professional meetings). A total of 70% of the respondents reported ability to obtain sufficient information for keeping updated in their daily work. "Internet-active"-physicians reported a higher rate of such ability than physicians without Internet access (74% vs 65%). CONCLUSION: The Internet plays an increasingly important role in physicians´ professional updating. The impact of new information technology on the medical community should be carefully monitored in the future.
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