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The self-perceived health status of Norwegian physicians compared with a reference population and foreign physicians

Stavem K, Hofoss D, Aasland OG, Loge JH. Scand J Public Health 2001; 29: 194-9.
13. september 2001

Article in English.

Abstract on Pubmed:

AIMS: To compare the self-perceived health status of a representative sample of Norwegian physicians with a general reference population; and to investigate differences in health status among groups of physicians. METHODS: A cross-sectional postal survey was carried out of 1,126 Norwegian physicians and 1,742 subjects in a general reference population, using the widely used general health status questionnaire--Short Form 36 (SF-36). Scores were adjusted for differences in age, gender and education where applicable. RESULTS: The health status of Norwegian physicians was better than that of subjects with a lower level of education in the four dimensions of the SF-36 related to physical health. Male physicians scored better on the physical functioning scale and lower on vitality and social functioning than comparable university graduates. Older physicians scored better than younger in dimensions related to mental health and social functioning. Norwegian general practitioners reported better health status than colleagues in Sweden and the UK. CONCLUSIONS: The self-perceived health status of Norwegian physicians was as good or better than that of the general population. The cross-national differences could be caused by cultural differences, or be related to practice style or job strain.
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