Organisation and membership

Organisation and membership
The Norwegian Medical Association (NMA), founded in 1886 as the professional association and trade union for Norwegian physicians, has a total of about 40 000 members (see Statistics and Research on physicians in Norway for up to date details). Membership is voluntary, but approximately 93,4 % of Norwegian physicians are members of the NMA. The main aims of the Association are to protect the professional, social and financial interests of its members, to promote their interests in matters concerning medical education, professional development and scientific activities, and to advance the quality of the Norwegian health care system.

Annual Representative Meeting
The Norwegian Medical Association`s chief decision-making body is the Representative Body, which decides the overall policy of the Norwegian Medical Association and the annual budget.

The Central Board
The Central Board meets approximately ten times a year. The Central Board has nine members including the President and Vice-President of the Association and is elected every second year by the Representative Body.