Approved specialists in Norway

There are 46 approved specialties in Norway (including the newest one in emergency medicine, and the second newest in addiction medicine), out of which 40 are listed in the Directive of the Council of the European Union (EU). This Directive, and the additional Directive for the EEA-countries, is the basis for converting specialist approvals from EU/EEA-countries to Norwegian specialist approval. There is a high number of such approvals converted to Norwegian specialist approval from the other Nordic countries, based on the Nordic aggreemens which preceeds the EEA-agreement since 1994. From 2020, conterted specialist approvals from EU/EEA countries includes the specialty in General Practice/Family medicine.
21. januar 2021

Specialist approval is based on approval as a physician in Norway, that is authorisation (or licence limited to working as a specialist within a certain specialty) in Norway, and on the following. Specialist approvals from countries within EU/EEA for specialties that are listed in the Directive for both the country where the original approval (not a converted approval) was received and listed for Norway (40 Norwegian specialties for all EU/EEA countries), can generally be converted to Norwegian approval, based on the EEA-agreement since 1994, also in General Practice/Family Medicine, since 2020 also for other countries than the Nordic countries.

Specialist approval is based on Norwegian specialist regulations, which is currently in a process of major changes. 

Vacant positions for specialist training in Norway can be found here: www.legejobber.no

There are also requirements regarding courses in each specialty, and there are certain quantitative requirements on relevant procedures in some specialties. These regulations are found both in the general specialist regulations, and in the specific specialist regulations for each specialty.

Since 1st October 2011, specialist approval and training is administrated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, see the web pages of The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

All questions about approval as a physician in Norway (authorisation or licence) should therefore be directed to the Norwegian Directorate of Health for all questions regarding approval as a doctor in Norway, and all questions regaring specialist training and approval in Norway.

You can find information about the number of active, approved specialists in all five Nordic countries in each of the 30 largest specialties (based on the total number of active, approved specialists in all five Nordic countries) as of 1st January 2016 here.

Furher general information in English on The Norwegian Medical Association can be found here on our website.