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Symposium i Umeå 11-12 september

Fetma och typ 2 diabetes med fokus på etniska aspekter.
18. juni 2019

Leading researchers in the field will present an up to date view on obesity and type 2 diabetes from varying perspectives on different geographical/ethnic populations, including the role of genetics and interactions between genes and the environment. Specific geographical/ethnic populations to be discussed include African migrants in Europe, Greenland. Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, African Americans and Pima Indians in the US and East Asia There will also be round-table discussions and a possibility to present abstracts with input from leading experts.

 The meeting is arranged by Umeå University, the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, Journal of Internal Medicine in collaboration with the Swedish Society of Medicine.

 You are coordially invited to participate!

 Organising committee: Tommy Olsson, Umeå, Julia Goedecke, Cape Town, Paul Franks, Lund, Mats Ryberg, Umeå, Julia Otten, Umeå, Elin Chorell, Umeå

 Information on program and registration: 

 On behalf of the organizers,

Tommy Olsson og Norsk endokrinologisk forening