UEMS spørreundersøkelse til alle medlemmer

Til alle medlemmer I NFDV,

UEMS har utarbeidet en spørreundersøkelse "COVID and Dermatovenereology Survey"

Mer informasjon og link til spørreundersøkelsen finner dere i denne mailen.

Dersom linken ikke fungerer kan dere kopiere og lime inn adressen nedfor.


Katarina Zak Stangeland- leder NFDV

og Turid Thune- representant UEMS

The survey was prepared by our colleague, a delegate for Romania, Dr. Mihaela Leventer, and approved by the Executive Committee.  

This survey is critical, and its results will be used for our initiative Disaster Case Management and Dermatology in Pandemic Times supported by the UEMS and the relevant EU Commission.

We would appreciate getting the surveys completed from you by 14 February 2021, if possible.

Thank you very much for your effort and cooperation.

Sincerely Yours


Jana Cizkova

UEMS-EBDV Assistant

on behalf of the Executive Committee

Responsible person Dr. Mihaela Leventer (UEMS-EBDV delegate from Romania) COVID and Dermatovenereology Survey