Nyhetsbrev fra presidenten i IFCN, Februar 2021

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Dear Colleagues,

We just experienced a most successful Asian-Oceanian Chapter meeting with 4,362 participants from 94 countries. We are most grateful to the organizers, first of all the convenors Proffs Dr Nortina Shahrizaila and Dr Tan Ai-Huey and the president of the chapter Prof. Ryusuke Kakigi and the secretary Prof. Ying-Zu Huang for a splendid organisation, in particularly difficult times, managing not only shifts in time but also pioneering a perfect organised virtual meeting without charging any fees. Please note that almost all of the lectures and courses are still available at https://aoccn2020.com. A milestone in the conference history of Clinical Neurophysiology, but I am very much looking ahead to meet everybody in person some time. The next AOCCN will be held in Taiwan.

We also congratulate Prof. Yoshikazu Ugawa for being elected as the new president of the AO chapter, Prof. Fitri Octaviana for the secretary and Prof. Ludwig F Damian for the treasurer. On behalf of the IFCN ExCo I thank Prof. Ryusuke Kakigi and Prof. Ying-Zu Huang for their long years of service for the Chapter. 

And so now, after the conference is before the next conference. The next European Chapter conference in Marseille has been postponed to October this year.

The ICCN 2022 in Geneva is approaching. Please note that the deadline for application of symposia will expire soon with a March 1 deadline.

The deadline for the 2021 fellowships ends March 2021, and details to apply are here.

Ulf Ziemann’s editor choice for this month is Cheshire WP, Freeman R, Gibbons CH, Cortelli P, Wenning GK, Hilz MJ, Spies JM, Lipp A, Sandroni P, Wada N, Mano A, Kim HA, Kimpinski K, Iodice V, Idiáquez J, Thaisetthawatkul P, Coon EA, Low PA, Singer W (2021). Electrodiagnostic assessment of the autonomic nervous system: A consensus statement endorsed by the American Autonomic Society, American Academy of Neurology, and the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology. Certainly, a milestone in CN of the autonomic nervous system.

Margitta Seeck’s choice for Clinical Neurophysiology Practice is Rubin DI (2020) Brachial and lumbosacral plexopathies: A review. Personally, it updates my “bible” so far in this area by Mark Ferrante from 2004.


With best wishes, nowadays in particular for early vaccination appointments.

Walter Paulus

IFCN President