Norsk radiologisk forening

Norsk radiologisk forening

Foreningen jobber med faget og utdanningen rundt spesialiteten radiologi.
Medlemmer i foreningen er spesialister, eller leger under spesialisering i radiologi og har gjennom foreningen tilgang på Acta Radiologica. Foreningen følger med på fagets utvikling og har også et eget fond som deler ut midler til forskning.


Radiologi i media


***Message from Prof. Vilgrain, ESOR Scientific/Educational Director***

I hope you are well!

The European School of Radiology (ESOR) is proud to announce the organisation of the following five educational online courses in the upcoming weeks:

ESOR GALEN Course on MR Imaging of the Abdomen, September 4, 2020
ESOR GALEN Foundation Course on Neuroradiology, September 11, 2020
ESOR ASKLEPIOS Course on Cardiac MR Imaging, September 18, 2020
ESOR GALEN Course on Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound, September 25, 2020
ESOR GALEN Course on Urogenital Radiology, October 2, 2020

An ESOR online course ticket grants your members with the following:
•           Live access and the possibility to collect CME credits during the respective course
•           On-demand access of the respective course until December 31, 2020

All courses will be streamed via the ESR’s online platform ESR Connect.

The European Society of Radiology is fully aware of the needs of its institutional members societies and all medical professionals through these times of crisis and is doing its utmost possible to serve them.

I am writing to you today, because ESOR is aware that due to the current pandemic and a multitude of reasons resulting from it not all our colleagues are able to afford registration for online courses. In line with our goal of supporting the radiological community, we would like to offer to you and your society the possibility to purchase two tickets for the price of one to distribute amongst your members.

With those tickets your members can enjoy live access to the ESOR on-line course of their choice and you as a society can actively support them with high class online education.

- A minimum number of 25 tickets has to be purchased. Registration fee per ticket is EUR 99. For example, buy 25 tickets, get 50 in total.
- Inform the ESOR Office how many tickets should be used for which course.
- The ESOR Office will then send you a list with voucher codes per course, which you can then distribute to your members.
- Your members will use the voucher code for their course registration on ESR Connect.
- The ESOR Office will send you one invoice for all purchased tickets.

Please contact the ESOR office by Monday, August 31 at the latest (for the first course on MR Imaging of the Abdomen) or by September 7 (for all other courses), if this offer is of interest to you.

Additionally, we would appreciate if you could promote the ESOR online courses on your website. You can find a banner attached, which you could use.

Kind regards,

Valérie Vilgrain
ESOR Scientific/Educational Director

Sent via the ESOR Office


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