About us

Norwegian Association of Physicians in Science (NAPS) is a professional association under the Norwegian Medical Association.

The association organizes physicians whose main place of work are in universities, university colleges, research institutions, etc., physicians who are employed in research positions in health authorities, and doctors who have part-time positions at the aforementioned institutions.

If you are not a member, but wish to enroll, contact medlem@legeforeningen.no.

Board of Directors

LVS is managed by a Board of Directors, the Chairman is a medical doctor and professor at det University of Oslo, Mette Kalager.  She is also leader of  The Norwegian medial association Committee on Research.


LVS’ Council consists of the board, the deputies, the main union representatives and the deputy union representatives at the four Norwegian universities with a medical faculty, two elected representatives of the members at the same universities, and two representatives elected by members from other institutions.


NAPS’ secretariat function is provided by the Norwegian Medical Association, Department of Law and Employment. The secretariat consists of Legal Counsel/Associate Attorney Bente A. Kvamme and secretary E. Charlotte H. Nielsen.


You can contact NAPS at lvs@legeforeningen.no or write us at “LVS, Legeforeningen, Pb 1152 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo”