Physician in conflict: a survey study of individual and work-related characteristics

Skjørshammer M / Skjorshammer M, Hofoss D. Scand J Caring Sci 1999;13: 211-216.

Article in English.

Abstract on Pubmed:

Relationship of individual and work-related factors to interpersonal conflicts at work was studied, using data from a nationwide survey in 1993 of the work environment and living conditions of physicians in Norway. The survey included a total of 1,800 questions spread over 16 questionnaires, which were distributed according to an ´overlapping questionnaire design´. Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of 9,266 physicians, of whom 6,652 responded (72%). The results suggest that personality factors such as ´intensity´ and ´reality weakness´ are related to conflict with one´s immediate superior, but not to conflict with others at work. Respondents reporting conflict with friends, relatives and spouse tended to report more conflict at work both with immediate superiors and others. The frequency of interpersonal conflict at work was not related to gender.
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