How do nursing students regard their future career? Career preferences in the post-modern society

Rognstad MK, Aasland O, Granum V. Nurse Education Today (2004) 24, 493-500.

Article in English.

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This article presents findings from a study of 301 Norwegian nursing students´ opinions of their future career. The initial survey took place 7 months after the commencement of nursing training in 1998/99 with a follow-up after 2 1/2 years. Data was collated using a questionnaire with closed questions and supplemented by semi-structured in-depth, audio taped interviews concerning the students´ professional socialisation. The findings from the initial survey indicate that motives like human contact, helping others and job security (i.e. low risk of being laid off) were important. Plans for further education after finishing the bachelor programme in nursing were abundant. Analysis of the second data-set will show whether there is a change in the students´ plans for their future education and career. For nearly 80% of the students it was very important that the bachelor degree could serve as a basis for further education. Multiple regression analysis showed that nursing students who emphasise this importance are less interested in giving care and help to others, and this attitude is confirmed in the interviews. Career preferences were often midwifery, public health or practice in high tech areas like anaesthetics, and not care for chronically ill or elderly patients; areas where there is a shortage of nurses.