Professional satisfaction and the quality of medical care

The contributions to LEFO’s symposium last summer have now been reworked into 11 articles published in the journal Professions & Professionalism (Volume 5, No 1, 2015) and with our senior researcher Berit Bringedal as guest editor.

In this special issue of Professions & Professionalism 15 authors discuss what they know about doctors’ job satisfaction in various health systems, whether professional dissatisfaction leads to poorer medical treatment, the relationship between psychosocial conditions, doctors’ health and quality, what medical quality is and how quality is measured – not to mention professional satisfaction.

LEFO – The Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession in Oslo hosted a symposium in June 2014 – Quality, Satisfaction and Governance – where a number of international experts delivered commissioned talks on various aspects of these topics. The speakers from that conference have since converted their presentations into scientific papers, all of which (except the commentaries) have been submitted for external peer review.

Table of content Special Issue: Professions & Professionalism 2015; (5) nr. 1




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