13. mars 2023

How hospital top managers reason about the central leadership task of balancing quality of patient care, economy and professionals’ engagement: an interview study

This study aims to deepen the understanding of how top managers reason about handling the relationships between quality of patient care, economy and professionals’ engagement. The top managers had the intention to balance between quality of patient care, economy and professionals’ engagement. This became increasingly difficult in times of high internal or external pressures. Then top management acted as if economy was the most important focus.
13. mars 2023

Duty to treat and risk of contagion during the covid-19 pandemic: Norwegian physicians’ perspectives and experiences. A questionnaire survey.

The COVID-19 pandemic actualised the dilemma of how to balance physicians´ obligation to treat patients and their own perceived risk of being infected. To discuss this in a constructive way we need empirical studies of physicians´ views of this obligation.
13. mars 2023

Physician participation in quality improvement work-interest and opportunity a cross-sectional survey.

This study shows that physicians want to participate in quality improvement, but only a few have designated time to allow continuous involvement. Physicians with designated time participate significantly more. Future quality programs should involve physicians more actively by explicitly designating their time to participate in quality improvement work.
03. oktober 2022

Guidelines and clinical priority setting during the COVID-19 pandemic – Norwegian doctors’ experiences

In the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, strong measures were taken to avoid anticipated pressure on health care, and this involved new priorities between patient groups and changing working conditions for clinical personnel.
17. august 2022

The NORVET study

Professional help-seeking behaviour for mental health problems among veterinarians in Norway: a nationwide, cross-sectional study (The NORVET study).
29. juni 2022

Social inequalities in health

The need for a new concept of health.
15. juni 2022

Employee silence in healthcare

Health care management is faced with a basic conundrum about organizational behavior.
25. mai 2022

Organizational logics in time of crises

How physicians narrate the healthcare response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Swedish hospitals.
13. april 2022

The Swedish HealthPhys Study

Study description and prevalence of burnout and depression among physicians.

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