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Guidelines and clinical priority setting during the COVID-19 pandemic – Norwegian doctors’ experiences

03. oktober 2022
In the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, strong measures were taken to avoid anticipated pressure on health care, and this involved new priorities between patient groups and changing working conditions for clinical personnel.

The NORVET study

17. august 2022
Professional help-seeking behaviour for mental health problems among veterinarians in Norway: a nationwide, cross-sectional study (The NORVET study).

Social inequalities in health

29. juni 2022
The need for a new concept of health.

Employee silence in healthcare

15. juni 2022
Health care management is faced with a basic conundrum about organizational behavior.

Organizational logics in time of crises

25. mai 2022
How physicians narrate the healthcare response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Swedish hospitals.

The Swedish HealthPhys Study

13. april 2022
Study description and prevalence of burnout and depression among physicians.

Insights gained from a re-analysis of five improvement cases

02. mars 2022
This paper explores five improvement cases in healthcare integrating system dynamics (SD) into action research (AR), aiming to identify methodological aspects of how this integration supported multi-professional groups to discover workable solutions to work-related challenges.

The NORVET study

10. januar 2022
Prevalence and individual and work-related factors associated with suicidal thoughts and behaviours among veterinarians in Norway: a cross-sectional, nationwide survey-based study

"Den jeg er nå, er mer meg"

09. desember 2021
Langtidsoppfølging er nødvendig for bedre å forstå situasjonen til pasienter som har utviklet stressrelatert utmattelseslidelse.

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