09. februar 2024

Educational disparities in cancer incidence, stage, and survival in Oslo

This study aimed to examine disparities in cancer incidence, stage at diagnosis, and survival rates across districts with differences in education levels in Oslo, Norway.
08. januar 2024

Euthanasia of animals – association with veterinarians’ suicidal thoughts and attitudes towards assisted dying in humans: a nationwide cross-sectional survey (the NORVET study)

Veterinarians are an occupational group with an increased suicide risk. Euthanasing animals may influence both veterinarians’ views on assisted dying in humans and their suicide risk.
08. januar 2024

Job satisfaction and work stress among physicians in Norway and Germany—A cross-sectional study

Physicians’ health and wellbeing are important albeit often neglected quality indicators of health care systems. The aims of the study were to compare job satisfaction and work stress among doctors in Germany and Norway, and to identify predictors for job satisfaction.