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Høstmøte 2022: Fysikken bak fotontellende CT

Mats Danielsson, PhD, Professor i medisinsk fysikk ved Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan og Vitenskapelig leder ved MedTechLabs at Karolinska Insitutet, Region Stockholm and KTH og medlem av Kungliga Ingenjörs Vetenskaps Akademin (IVA), holder foredrag på Radiologisk Høstmøte 2022.
Audun Berstad
26. mars 2022
bilde av Mats Danielsson
Prof Mats Danielsson, KTH, Stockholm, Sverige

Tittel: Fotontellende CT

Sesjon: Fysikk. Høstmøte fredag 28. oktober kl 1115-1230


Rom: Agora 3, Clarion Hotel Oslo

Photon counting detectors can enable increased spatial resolution and improved contrast and/or lower radiation dose. In particular, lower concentrations of iodine can potentially be detected and quantified, which is important in angiography or perfusion imaging. Moreover, beam hardening artefacts will disappear with material base decomposition in the projection domain. We will describe the state of the art of photon counting CT detector technology, and how the major challenges such as high photon incidence rates (pile-up), charge sharing, and detection efficiency can be addressed. We examine also how the physical processes involved in photon detection  lead to tradeoffs in photon counting CT system design.


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