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Høstmøte 2022: Clinical Experience with photon counting CT

Anders Persson, MD, PhD, Professor and Director and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Medical Faculty/Radiology, Linköping University, Sweden will present at Radiologisk Høstmøte 2022.
Audun Berstad
8. mars 2022
bilde av Anders

Title: Clinical Experience with photon counting CT

Session: State of the art. Høstmøte Friday, October 28th kl 0915-1030


Room: Agora 1+2, Clarion Hotel Oslo

Photon-counting CT (PCCT) is an emerging technology with the potential to dramatically change clinical CT. PCCT uses new energy-dissolving X-ray detectors, with mechanisms that differ significantly from conventional energy-integrating detectors.

This new technology results in higher contrast-noise ratio, improved spatial resolution, optimized spectral imaging, reduced radiation exposure, correction of radiation-curing artifacts, optimizes the use of contrast agents and creates opportunities for quantitative imaging compared to current CT technology.

The lecture will primarily discuss how this technology can create clinical benefits and present early experiences from everyday clinical use.

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